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The Funding Triple Crown is the 3 best and most valuable things we offer to business owners that want funding, value and protection – ALL ROLLED INTO ONE.

1. $25,000 in guaranteed business funding!

You also get 90 days of full online access to ALL the many funding resources we have to choose from out of over 4,000 currently held in our database.

2. Free Nevada corporation or LLC set up (you just pay state filing fee as you would no matter what state you choose).

This business registration is perfect if you don't have any right now and need a new one.

It's great if you want one as protection for your current home state business you already have set up. You could hold all assets privately and secretly this way and could even upstream income into a tax free treatment under many circumstances.

Or, if you want to SELL IT after we set it up for you, you can even do that. These type of Nevada corporations act like off shore corporations in many ways and are in high demand. They go used online for $500 in many cases and you could pocket that yourself with a simple transfer of ownership shares! Or keep it and use it to get rich as companies like Apple and Microsoft do with the Nevada corporation and sub-corporations they all have had set up.

3. $300 Free Goody Pack of food vouchers, SWAG and lots of valuable stuff like:

  • 2 nights free hotel stay certificates
  • $300 free restaurant vouchers (good at 18,000 locations nation wide
  • Our best 4 disk training and education set of wealth making methods
  • 2 DVD set (jackpot business formula)
  • Bonus business survival kit

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Thanks, Tom.

PS: remember that this funding triple crown includes everything described here PLUS 90 days of full password access to our entire online database and training center.

This free membership access will include our expensive planning software, archived recordings no one else gets and hundreds of dollars worth of books, guides and group coaching to help you along every step of the way if you may have questions.

Note: Our money back guarantee (less shipping and handling) may be used by returning the package contents within 30 days of date of purchase to the address on the product.

You are certain to get at least $25,000 in business funding by using one or more of our recommended sources and by following the instructions.

Thank you for your support!

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